CMB Regional Center

CMB Regional Center

CMB is one of the oldest centers in the EB-5 industry and has been involved in the EB-5 program since 1994. Up to now, CMB has been operating ten regional centers, in cooperation with US government agencies, including the city, county, Bureau of Reconstruction, Port Authority, the Joint Power Authority, the Airport Authority ... ... and so on. CMB works with governments at all levels and the private sector to create jobs for the country where jobs are most needed.

CMB has raised more than $ 2.5 billion in EB-5 investors and more than $ 9 billion in public and private funds. Over the past nine years, more than 143,000 new direct and indirect jobs have been created to launch the economic engine for the entire United States.

CMB Regional Center Successful Demonstration:

Up to now, the EB-5 investment principal of 900 investors has been fully refunded!

Group 72 - Hillwood Amazon Pittsburgh

CMB Regional Center Project:
Group 70 - Hillwood Logistics III

Group 69 - Grand Bohemian Hotel (Sold Out)

Group 61 - Hillwood Alameda Point (Sold Out)

CMB Regional Center - Group 68 - Grand Bohemian Hotel,Charlotte, North Carolina (Sold Out)
Group 63 CMB Regional Center Hillwood Industrial  & Residential Projects (Sold Out)
Group 64 - Hillwood Rialto & Sycamore Logistics Center(Sold Out)
Group 62 - Elliot Park Hotel (Sold Out)

Group 60 - Hillwood Renaissance Rialto(Sold Out)

Group 49 - Harwood No.10 Office Development Project (Sold Out)

Group 53 - Hillwood Logistics Center II (Sold Out)

Group 55 - Hillwood York & West Deptford (Sold Out)

Group 59 - Vista Canyon Project (Sold Out)

Photo with CMB Regional Centre

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