The UK’s Top University Cities for Property Investment

The UK’s Top University Cities for Property Investment

The North of England leads the way for property investment. With Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham leading the way for capital growth and rental income potential. Higher returns achievable due to the attractive price points, which are lower than the UK average. Allowing for strong capital appreciation, stamp duty fees and higher rental yields.

JLL 2019 Property Market Forecasts

Leeds's projected rental increase is higher than that of other major cities, driven by the huge investment regeneration schemes and infrastructure improvements. Leeds university is world famous for the many celebrities that have studied there. Such as Harry Triguboff, one of Australia's richest men, Princess Kako of Akishino and Professor Ma Lin, the second president of the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Savills Five-year forecast


The Savills report continues to outline their current 5 year forecast for house prices. Suggesting a reversal of the North-South divide, with housing prices in the North of England and Midlands set to outperform London and the South. With a predicted 21.6% growth in the North-west and 19.3% in the Midlands.


Where to invest?


London has seen huge growth, but now is the time to look North. Especially in emerging regional cities such as Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool. Which continue to offer strong rental yields and demand for new housing. At stamp duty friendly price points, considerably below equivalent purchases in London and the South. There are a number of strong options on the market at present. Especially for cash rich buyers.

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