【UK】Manchester Multiple Districts Properties

【UK】Manchester Multiple Districts Properties

As the second largest city in the UK, Manchester is the most reckoned place after London. Manchester was chosen as the most liveable city in the UK in 2018. If you plan to settle in Manchester but not yet selected that area, take a look at the following 4 different areas!

Bury HMO St Mary's

The project is located at 14 St Marys Place, Bury, Manchester. It provided seven different styles for customers. The housing estate is very convenient, only 0.2 meters from Bury Train Station. The combined revenue and return on capital investment over a five-year period is as high as 60.4%, and there is a high rental yield.
Johnsons Square

The project is located in Johnsons Square, Manchester, England, and is dedicated to creating a modern smart home that is designed to give residents a comfortable home.

This project offers 10 different apartments and styles for the seller to choose from, mainly one to two-bedroom units, the price per square foot is under 290 pounds, and it is starting from103,495 pounds.

The Heaton Group has 40 years of experience in purchasing and property management experiences to ensure that all parties
have control over their energy usage. Johnsons Square as a new smart home is incorporating all the technology expected by modern millennial tenants. Solving those daily problems and making your life easier and more convenient!

City Gardens

City Gardens is located at Manchester. It provides more than 80 apartments in total, and it is the best 2-bed units back to the market. The location is extremely good; it just takes a 5-minutes walk to the Cornbrook Metrolink station and access to the cross city tram network to Manchester Victoria. Also, it contains different kinds of dining, bars, entertainments and hotels nearby which makes you a fantastic life!

The Sorting Office

The Sorting Office is a ‘Smart Home’ development, built with the modern landlord in mind. It offers simpler management, lower costs and smarter rental options for today’s Generation Rent.

The building consists of 12 one-bedroom apartments, sixteen two-bedroom units and three three-bedroom flats. Each apartment comes with its own, private and secure car parking space. The Sorting House is in a perfect town centre location, only minutes from all amenities and transport links. There is an average of 72 trains per day departing from Preston to Manchester Piccadilly, with only a 40 minute journey time. Moreover, the price of those apartments are starting from £120,000, and the 'Smart Tech' Homes has around 6% of assured yield. The whole project is closed to completion.

If you are interested in the property, please contact 3568 1436 for details.