New Zealand - Introduction

New Zealand - Introduction


Capital City : Wellington (+12 GMT)
Currency : New Zealand dollar (NZD)
Languages : English (official) ; New Zealand Sign Language (official)
New Zealand is an island country located in the south-western Pacific Ocean comprising two main landmasses (the North Island and the South Island) and numerous smaller islands.

Safe & secure - Peace of mind

The 2013 Global Peace Index, which compares 162 countries for the risk of personal violence, has New Zealand as the world’s third safest country just after Iceland and Denmark.
People can enjoy New Zealand's open spaces at will, discover the beaches, have fun in the playgrounds and parks, picnic, explore the bush, climb mountains and cycle to your heart’s content.

Lifestyle choices - Family friendly

It’s stable, peaceful and safer than just about anywhere else in the world – in fact we rank third in the Global Peace Index. And there are wonderful opportunities for young people to grow up with easy access easy access to sports and outdoors, space and freedom: to ride horses, to run along open beaches, to swim in clean water, to walk through native forests and to truly experience the beauty of nature etc.

Developed public services

Families in New Zealand get great support from a range of public services. They include access to welfare and support if someone has an accident or if either parent can’t work because of sickness or unemployment. 

Temperate climate

Being a maritime country, the weather can change rapidly from day to day or even during the day. There are also wide variations: the far north can be positively subtropical, while the Deep South can get icy winds. And it can be sunny and warm on the east coast, and cloudy and wet over the mountains on the west.
New Zealand has southern hemisphere seasons, with winter from June to August and summer from December to February.

Type of New Zealand Immigration :

>>  Investment
>>  Entrepreneur
>>  Skilled
>>  Spouse & Family


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