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About SkillSelect:
SkillSelect is a primary online service that assists Australia in directing its skilled migration program, which further works to ensure the country’s economic needs are met.

Through SkillSelect, the Australian government has provided the essential support in monitoring applications for skilled migration, including who’s eligible to apply, when applications are open and how many positions are available. Thus, from having such a specially designed service, the average time it takes to complete a visa application is remarkably shortened.

This service also provides Australia with greater efficiency in addressing regional skill shortages and liaising with potential migrants; as to whether or not they’re prepared to work and live in regional areas throughout Australia.

With John Hu Migration Consulting, we can act as a registered migration agent in completing the SkillSelect service for those wishing to migrate to Australia.

Requirements for SkillSelect:
  • Points Tested, Pass Mark of 60, Age Under 50, English at Least IELTS 6.0 in All Bands, No Job Offer Required.

Requirements for 189 Visa, 190 Visa, 186 Visa ENS and 187 Visa RSMS:

  • 5 Years Permanent Visa

Requirements for 489 Visa:

  • 4 Years Temporary Visa, Regional or Relative Sponsor.

  • Processing Time Within 3 Months.

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