Brand Excellence Award: John Hu Migration Consulting

Brand Excellence Award: John Hu Migration Consulting

There are many reasons why someone might choose to uproot themselves, or their entire family, and move to another country. It could be because of career or business opportunities. It could be because they’ve been offered a place at a prestigious educational institute. Or it could be simply because they want a better quality of life for their family.

Whatever the reason, it’s a momentous decision that’s usually only made after a number of considerations are carefully weighed up. But once someone has resolved to go, and has checked they meet the eligibility criteria, they will want to be sure their migration or visa application will be successful.

Trust and professionalism are key factors for anyone choosing an organization to guide them through this application process and these are two of the qualities that have led to the nomination of John Hu Migration Consulting for a Brand Excellence Award at the 2015 Enterprising Hong Kong Awards.

Founded in 2009, John Hu Migration Consulting provides business, skilled and family migration visa processing services to their clients looking to move to Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, UK and Hong Kong.

Principal Consultant John Hu believes there are several reasons he and his team were nominated.

“First, there’s our professional knowledge and expertise in immigration consulting and the processing of immigration visas,” he explained. “Many of the countries we deal with have changed their visa requirements or offer new visas targeting different market segments. It is challenging for us to continuously offer new visa options to fit our clients’ differing personal needs, therefore it could be a confusing and difficult process for a non-professional to tackle on their own.

 “Then there’s our customer empathy. Only after we’ve actively listened to our client's personal needs do we advise on the best visa option for them. Customer care is of vital importance to us.

“Third, we are passionate about giving all our clients an enjoyable, satisfying and memorable customer experience, because we fully understand what a big decision family migration is.”
Since its founding, John Hu Migration Consulting has enjoyed annual double-digit sales growth. “This has taken us from hundreds to thousands of satisfied clients each year,” Hu noted.


To keep pace with this rocketing growth, since 2009 the business has expanded from a one-man operation, to a company that now employs a total of 20 staff, in both Hong Kong and Shenzhen China.

Hu believes that the integrity of his company’s brand - vital in the professional immigration industry - has played a huge part in this success story.

“The strength of the John Hu Migration Consulting brand in the local Hong Kong market is reflected in the number of referrals made by existing clients, the company’s increasing market share, and the general positive word-of-mouth.”

Hu who is himself a registered Australia Migration Agent and a Licensed New Zealand Immigration Adviser has built a team with a range of country-specific and business-related professional immigration knowledge and visa processing skills.

“We have forged strategic partnership with overseas immigration attorneys, consultants, accountants and business consultants and education advisors, real estate developers and agents, so we can provide seamless pre- and post-application services. This includes the arrangement of exploratory trips to the destination country so they can visit the city, visit the education institutes, look for jobs, or set up or acquire businesses.”