Media Interview

Media Interview

Leveraging our traditional core value in delivering enjoyable customer experience and satisfaction over the past years, John Hu Migration Consulting has a very strong market-leading position in the Hong Kong immigration industry. John Hu, our Founder and Principal Consultant, has been interviewed by many international and local press for his inspiring comments and valuable insights about the immigration industry including Hong Kong South China Morning Post, Apple Daily, TVB, NOW TV and Japanese NHK media. 

TVB Pearl 
Sunday Report- 2015.01.01 Archive - Going With and Staying (Hong Kong Investing in Migrants Project)
Start from 18:12

NHK Japan
20170703 Xi warns HK over ’red line’
Start from 6:22

2017.06.29 Austrilia migration , 2017.07.06 Canada migration

Sky Post
2018.12.28  UK migration

Oriental Daily

2019.06.24 Migration

Financial Times
2019.06.24 Hong Kong sees surge in people looking to leave

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