Capital: Athens

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Languages: Greek, English

Other languages: French, Italian

Government: Democracy

Population: 11,170,957
Geography: Greece is from Peloponnese of the Balkan Peninsula as the subject, including Crete,                                    Rhodes with other Aegean Islands. Coastline has 14,880 km long and land border                                         has 1,160 km.
Weather and Environment: There are 300 days of sunshine per year, 180 days no cloud cover
                                                            Average Temperature: winter for 10°C
                                                                                                      summer for 26°C
Major Economies:  1.Shipping: Greek company owns 22.5% of the world's oil tankers and 16% for                                                  bulk freighter. Today, shipping is still one of the most important                                                                            industries Greece. 
                                        2. Tourism: 600 islands, 128 bays, spectacular gardens and quiet beach and                                                          Mediterranean cuisine diet.


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